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Release of L2 product v3.0 (118-12-0602)
Version 3.0 (118-12-0602) of L2 product has been released. This product can be downloaded at DARTS/SMILES site via "Data Access" page. [November 15, 2013]
Release of L2 product v2.4 (008-11-0502)
Version 2.4 (008-11-0502) of L2 product and its Product Guide have been released. (Note that the release note has been integrated with the Product Guide since this version) [July 3, 2013]
Renewal of SMILES website
SMILES website has been renewed. [May 2, 2013]
L2 data public release
The "Public release version" of SMILES L2 product is now ready to be opened public at DARTS/SMILES page. Please read the notices at Observation Information page and make an application for data access. (* Now available only from Data Access page) [Mar. 5, 2012]
Delay for public release of SMILES L2 products
We JAXA/ISAS SMILES team have been working on the "public release version" of SMILES L2 product in order to make it open to the public by the end of 2011. However, due to the coordination procedure within the data providing organizations, the time of public release will be February or March of this year 2012. Thank you for your patience and understanding. [Jan. 18, 2012]
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