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SMILES L2 data are delivered with the Data Archives and Transmission System (DARTS) which managed by the Center for Science-satellite Operation and Data Archive (C-SODA). Please access SMILES page in DARTS site.
*** CAUTION *** : Please note that there are the problems in some part of L2 product ver.3.0 (118-12-0602). Now we are preparing the corrected version (ver.3.1) and this newer product will be released before long, so please handle with care the ver.3.0 product. [2014/9/25]

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Diurnal variation [SMILES period]

Data Processing Statuses

Total 480653 scan for the latest L2 version (007-08-0300)
Total 465139 scans for the previous L2 version (006-06-0200)
  • KIBO Japanese Experiment Module
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